INM microbes

“Quality is just not an act it is a habit”--Aristotle

Kan biosys gives utmost importance to quality. Our quality products give farmers value for their money. Kan biosys is proud to be the best in India for formulating quality products which pass through several rigorous tests. Manufacturing has been optimized with QC and QA processes by BIOFERMENT-K (In-house developed software).

INM microbes

Innovation is in our DNA

Kan biosys has a fully functional in-house R & D department which has been approved by DSIR [Department of Scientific and Industrial Research]. We are the inventers of liquid biofertilizers and have a patent for the same. Kan biosys has also developed novel methods to formulate microbes which make our products withstand quality, shelf-life and work efficiently in fields. Our seed dressing product can improve plant stand by implanting microbes near the high-active zone which last for whole crop period. Life begets life. Biopesticides work on this principle as they fit in the food chain which maintains the delicate balance of pests and predators.
Residue free food is the right of all, our solutions cater wholeheartedly to this. Kan biosys scientists have addressed soil fertility management by working out a total-approach. We use Testing soils to correct them by SOILSTAT [soil software]. Accelerated composting products & hi-tech low-cost on-farm brewing solutions are a few techniques we use for increasing soil fertility. Innovation to provide new solutions and up-grade quality is a continuous system. Kan biosys has a unique model SAP-RTD TM to develop technology and products through Innovation platform.

INM microbes

Strategic  Tie-ups

Indian Agricultural Research Institute IARI, Pusa New Delhi

National Chemical Laboratory NCL, Pune

Agarkar Research Institute ARI, Pune

Indian Institute for Horticultural Research IIHR, Hessargatta Bangalore

Directorate of Oil seed Research DOR, Hyderabad

University of Agricultural Sciences UAS, Dharwad

Vishwabharati Agricultural University Shriniketan, West Bengal

Numerous Sugar Factories (Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat)

National Centre for Integrated Pest Management NCIPM, New Delhi

Project Directorate of Biological Control PDBC, Bangalore
National Toxicological Center NTC, Pune

National Center for Research in Grapes NRCG, Manjiri Pune

Krishi Vidyan Kendras

Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth MPKV

Punjab Rao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth PDKV, Akola

Wheat Research Station, Niphad Nasik

College of Agriculture, Shivajinagar Pune

International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas ICARDA, Aleppo Syria

National Center for Onion And Garlic NRCOG, Rajgurunagar Pune

University of Horticulture Science UHS, Bagalkot



Crisil is a global analytical company in agricultural services.


Ecocert issues your certification for the European market.


Is a Department of scientific & industrial research


International Organization for Standardization.


The Organic Materials Review Institute.

BFA Australia

Biological Farmers Australian provides organic certification.


WIPO Gold Medal - 2000

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization About Wipo gold medal- WIPO [World Intellectual Property Organization] - a wing of United Nations has conferred gold medal to technology of production of liquid bio-fertilizers. The award is given for outstanding invention, which proves helpful in progress of developing countries. Ravi Kanitkar and Sandeepa Kanitkar have jointly been awarded the WIPO Gold Medal at the hands of His Excellency Vice president of India- Shri Krishna Kant on 11th May 2001. The occasion was graced by Hon’ Union Minister for human resources Dr Murli Manohar Joshi.The award was presented for the development of Bio-Inoculate in liquid form with plurality of strains used as liquid fertilizer & Bio-foliar sprays for augmentation of crop yields. This liquid bio-fertilizer is not only cost effective but also has a longer shelf- life as compared to solid bio-fertilizer. It is easier to apply and has been found to be highly effective for many crops.

First Technology day invention award of [NRDC] -11 th May 1999

Mr Ravi Kanitkar and Mrs Sandeepa Kanitkar, receiving the first TECHNOLOGY DAY AWARD at the hands of Hon' Minister for Science and Human Resource Development - Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi for outstanding invention of the year. The award was instituted by National Research and Development Corporation.

SICOM [The State Industrial and Investment corporation of Maharashtra] – 1992

Mr. Ravi Kanitkar, receiving the Sharad Kelkar Award for Technical research facilitating Dispersal of industries in Maharashtra. This award was presented to Mr. Kanitkar by Hon' His Excellency - The Governor of Maharashtra Mr. C. Subramaniam.This award was for his work on countrywide search, isolation of various micro organisms and formulation of mixed strains for various agricultural applications.

G.S. Parkhe Industrial Merit prize - 16 th June 1998

Mr Ravi Kanitkar, receiving the G.S. Parkhe award instituted by MCCI- Maratha Chamber of Commerce and Industries - Pune, for developing novel liquid bio-fertilizers. The award was presented by Mr Rahul Bajaj- Chairman and MD of Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Dadasaheb Rawal award of MCCI for Rural Development - 1992

Mr Ravi Kanitkar, was awarded the Dadasaheb Rawal Award for rural Development at the hands of Mr. Lalit Doshi- Secretary Industries. This award was given to his unique marketing strategy of promoting rural entrepreneurs in Maharashtra.

Leelavati Mehendale Award by Institute of Engineers Best Woman Entrepreneur – 1998

Ms. Sandeepa Kanitkar, receiving the Leelavati Mehendale Award for best Women Entrepreneur at the hands of Mr. Madhav Jog - Chairman - Rest of Maharashtra Development Board.

Ramabai Joshi Award by MCCIA, Pune for On-farm brewing of microbes – KREF Technology- 2007

Ms. Sandeepa Kanitkar, receiving Ramabai Joshi Award by MCCIA, Pune for On-farm brewing of microbes–KREF Technology at the hands of Mr. G. K. Pendharkar.

Kakasaheb Supnekar Best Women Entrepreneur Award –2012

Ms. Sandeepa Kanitkar, receiving Kakasaheb Supnekar Best Women Entrepreneur Award at the hands of Dr Raghunath Mashelkar.