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Kan biosys is actively contributing to the agricultural community be at the grass root level or taking part in nationwide initiatives. The digital revolution has made it easy for us to stay connected and get real time updates. We have increased our presence across globe with our products being available in 10+ countries. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Google+ to get more information regarding latest News, Events and Initiatives at Kan biosys.

News & Event

Brand Identity

Kan biosys logo signifies a bonding of life in the four spheres of earth — lithosphere, hydrosphere, agrosphere and atmosphere. The helix is the basis of life on the earth The form represents our compassion to make things happen with biotechnology.

Research & Development

In order to improve the existing assortment of Microbes, we have constructed R & D unit. Our R & D professionals accomplish various market research and surveys by the newest techniques and are persistently engaged in improving the quality enhancing the effectiveness of our accessible quality products.