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Agriculture is challenged by ever increasing population, which is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050. To feed this growing population, our farmers have to increase the agricultural yields by 70 to 100%. Increasing yields by doubling the fertilizers, pesticides and water may not be the answer to this problem. By doing so, we might lose our productive lands faster with huge economic implications and further damage our water bodies, air and health.

Microbes can give apt solution to this problem! Microbes and plants are intimate partners in virtually every life process. It is now that we have realized their enormous potential, which needs to be explored together with precision farming. Thus if put to proper use, microbes offer solutions to fertilizers, pesticides and maintaining soil health. They will help us achieve the ambitious goal of doubling agricultural yields in a sustainable manner.

Kan biosys has been working with microbes for over two decades. We offer advanced microbial technology from seed to harvest. An array of selective and efficient strains of microbes are formulated, using award winning and patented processes into hi-tech products.


  • Affordable innovation for farmers
  • Increasing yields
  • Reducing cost of cultivation
  • Responsible cultivation practices
  • Healthy food, soil, water and environment

Kan biosys assets

  • Skilled and motivated/responsible man-power
  • Microbial culture bank
  • Clean, dust free world class automated manufacturing facility
  • Dependable Quality products
  • Innovation driven for total customer satisfaction

From Chairperson’s desk

Unique business model – Kan biosys took birth from an idea to support economical sustainable agriculture. We have over 2 decades brought out best microbial solutions through in-house research. Each product has been perfected technically and the channel is supported in all possible ways till it reaches the farmers and imparts benefit. Thus our business model is fuelled by in-house research acumen which can be translated into scalable technologies.

Strong brand building – Over the years Kan biosys has believed in creating not just technology but brands which are respected by the customers – TABA, VITORMONE, MILASTIN, SUDO are known for their technology and consistent quality.

R and D for development of product or technology – Innovation is in our DNA. Our unique SAP-RTD platform in our DSIR recognized R and D department has brought out state of art microbial products which have been formulated by award winning technologies. We are the inventors of Liquid bio-fertilizers for N,P and K supplementation. Novel methods of using microbes on seed, in rhizosphere and foliar surfaces are providing multiple benefits to the farmer. Our discovery pipe-line has potential to yield novel microbes for plant nutrition, protection and soil health management.

One stop solution for maximizing yields – Precision agriculture is the key for maximizing yields and earning sizable profits for the farmer. Soil testing is the heart of this activity. We have devised unique one-stop service to help the farmer achieve best results. Kan biosys dreams of transforming agriculture in a sustainable manner. [ Soil testing based nutrient recommendation-Soil health management-sustainable inputs for residue free farming]

State of art manufacturing abilities - Our fermentation plant for producing microbial inputs uses innovative techniques and is supported by our In-house R and D department. We are the largest producer of organic – microbial fertilizers for foliar, drip and soil application in India. All products are registered at FCO. Our biopesticide plant produces microbial formulations for nematode, fungal and insect management in crops. All products are registered at CIB –RC.
Meeting compliance and going beyond it
Compliance at Kan biosys is seen as a way for reaching the best quality inputs to the farmers. Kan biosys additionally has devised its own compliance parameters which are the best to achieve quality and build up brand image. We target zero pollution norms by 99% recycling of waste. Our products also reduce the chemical and carbon footprint.

  • Chairperson and Managing Director – Kan biosys Pvt. Ltd. Pune
  • President – Kanbiosys Research & Education Foundation. Pune
  • CEO-Agreeta Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Ex –member DBT task force on biofertilizers
  • Ex-member task force on secondary agriculture – Planning commission

  • Agri-business Management – Cornell University 2007
  • Post Graduate- University of Pune
  • Industrial Microbiology – University of Pune 1990

  • 22 years in the agri-biotech sector.
  • Joined as a chief microbiologist and partner in Krishi Tantra Sanstha in 1991
  • Promoted Krishi Mitra Bioproducts [I] Pvt Ltd. in 1993. The company was financed under SPREAD program funded by US aid.
  • Set up Kanbiosys Research and Education Foundation to accelerate lab to land transfer of technology [ Bettering quality of Life in every possible way] in 2003.
  • Promoted Kan biosys in May 2005, to foray into agri-biotech inputs.. The company has 16 state of art microbial products developed using in-house technology. All products are marketed in India and exported to over 5 countries routinely. The company is ISO-9001-14001 certified. Products are also certified for use in organic farming in four countries.
  • Kan biosys has a fully functional R and D department having DSIR recognition. It has launched a unique “SAP-RTD” platform for bringing innovative solutions for farmers.

Kan biosys has strategic association with premier institutes for technology up-gradation, testing and assessment. [ NCL, ARI, NRC, IARI, 25 Agricultural Universities in India]

  • WIPO Gold Medal at the hands of His Excellency Vice president of India- Shri Krishna Kant on 11th May 2001 - The occasion was graced by Honorable Union Minister for human resources Dr Murli Manohar Joshi. The award was presented for the development of Bio-Inoculate in liquid form with plurality of strains used as liquid fertilizer ; Bio-foliar sprays for augmentation of crop yields. This liquid bio-fertilizer is not only cost effective but also has a longer shelf- life as compared to solid bio-fertilizer. It is easier to apply and has been found to be highly effective for many crops.
  • First TECHNOLOGY DAY AWARD at the hands of Hon' Minister for Science and Human Resource Development - Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi for outstanding invention of the year. The award was instituted by National Research and Development Corporation. May 1999
  • Leelavati Mehendale Award for best Women Entrepreneur at the hands of Mr. Madhav Jog - Chairman - Rest of Maharashtra Development Board. June 1996
  • Ramabai Joshi Award (2007) from Maratha Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture, Pune. for On-farm Brewing of microbes- KREF Technology.
  • Kakasaheb Supnekar Best Women Entrepreneur Award – AT the hands of Dr Raghunath Mashelkar in 2012.

Kan biosys assets
  • Skilled and motivated/responsible man-power
  • Microbial culture bank
  • Clean dust free world class automated manufacturing facility
  • Dependable Quality products
  • Innovation driven for total customer satisfaction
  • Affordable innovation for farmers
  • Increasing yields
  • Reducing cost of cultivation
  • Responsible cultivation practices
  • Healthy food, soil, water and environment

Vision- To be the global agri-biotech company



  • Registration of Milastin (Bacillus subtilis) by Central Insecticides Board (CIB, Faridabad)


  • OMRI Listing of product Taba, B:seepel & Speed Kompost
  • Permanent registration of products- Brigade B (Beauveria bassiana) , Sudo (Pseudomonas fluorescens) , Brigade V (Verticillium lecanii) & Tricho-shield Combat (Trichoderma viride) by Central Insecticides Board (CIB, Faridabad)


  • Taba registered by Central Insecticides Board (CIB, Faridabad)
  • Feb 2012- All products Certified for use in organic Farming by ECOCERT
  • Dec 2012- Soil Testing Lab- Approved by Govt. (Reg. No. 007)
  • Nemastin (Paecilomyces lilacinus) & Tricho-shield Combat TH (Trichoderma harzianum) registered by Central Insecticides Board (CIB, Faridabad)


  • ISO: 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified company.
  • Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) approval for R & D laboratory.


  • Tricho-shield Combat (Trichoderma viride) registered by Central Insecticides Board (CIB, Faridabad)


  • OMRI, USA Certified products – Bioplin, Phosfert & Vitormone
  • Membership in Planning Commission, New Delhi


  • Certification from Natural Organic Certification Association( NOCA), Pune


  • Kan biosys founded


  • Screening program to isolate agriculturally useful microbes from soils
  • Krishimitra Agro-Industries established
  • Krishimitra Technosales Corporation established
  • Kanitkar Research & Education Foundation (KREF) – NGO founded
  • Krishimitra founded, also awarded with 1st Process Patent

Honored visitors

  Dr. R J Rabindran, Director, PDBC, Bangalore.

  Dr. N. B. Singh, Agriculture Commissioner, Dept. of Agri. Corporation, New Delhi.

   Dr. Abhijit Sen, Member, Planning Commission.

  Mr. Ozgur Ates, Distributor, Turkey.

  Dr. D P S Verma Consultant, Planning Commission, New Delhi.

   Dr. A K Garg, MD, Agriculture Finance Corporation Ltd., Mumbai.

  Dr. V V Sadamate, Advisor ( Agriculture) Planning Commission, New Delhi.

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